ITS Ticket Priority Scale

  • Critical

    1. Expected response time

      1. Immediately stop what you are doing and respond.

    2. Examples of critical problems

      1. Classroom equipment down

      2. System wide network or phone outage

      3. Security incident reported

      4. Main Eckerd website down (

      5. Payroll processing, accounts payable,  or student registration issues

      6. Campus Safety Security Team Communications Problem

  • High

    1. Expected response time

      1. Within 2-4 hours

    2. Examples of high problems

      1. Campus resource unavailable; email, Moodle, ECWeb, Banner Forms, My Eckerd website, etc.

      2. Problem reports affecting more than one user

      3. Point of sale systems

      4. Door controls

      5. Problems processing time sensitive work; accounts receivable/payable, time entry, student locator, etc. 

  • Normal

    1. Expected response time

      1. Within 24 hours

    2. Examples of normal problems

      1. Single user problems

      2. Printer problems

      3. Everything else?

  • Low

    1. Expected response time

      1. As available

    2. Examples of Low problems

      1. Used for long term projects

All trouble tickets (non projects) should have a follow up posted in Jitbit weekly.  Trouble tickets lasting more than 2 weeks without active work should be escalated.  This does not include jobs waiting for a response from the user.

Technical experience and user history will help determine priority scales when the appropriate level is unclear.  When in doubt the IT managers can assist in assigning the appropriate level.

Creation date: 5/5/2022 5:24 PM      Updated: 5/5/2022 5:25 PM