Sending a Fax on campus

Using the Multi-Function copier/scanner/fax devices on campus to send a fax is a simple process. 

1) Badge into the copier to access the main menu. 

2) Load the document(s) to be faxed in the tray like you are making a copy.

2) From the main Screen select FAX SERVER

3) Press DESTINATION  and use the keypad to enter the 10 digit telephone number you want to send to. NO LEADING 3 needed. ITS fax # would be entered as 727847733.

4) Press Green Start button.

The machine will then scan your document and send it.  You can look at the job status, but the copier will not print a confirmation page.
Creation date: 3/2/2023 1:07 PM      Updated: 3/2/2023 1:07 PM