Google Storage Quotas

Viewing your Storage Usage

With storage limits turned on, when you go to Drive, you will see a status bar of how much storage you’re using, and which products are using the most storage.

To view your current storage usage visit

To identify and delete large, unnecessary files, visit

Users who are over the quota limits you set see alert boxes at the top of Google Drive saying either “Storage low” or “Storage full” with a button to click to Free up space, which takes them to an article instructing them how to clear up filesGoogle Takeout is a convenient way to move data out of your account.


For faculty and staff, exemptions will increase your quota to 1TB of storage. For students, exemptions will increase your quota to 100GB or 500GB depending on your need.  If you need to make a request beyond those limits, please email a request to cpg-user@eckerd.eduExemptions will only be granted for usage related to fulfilling the mission of Eckerd College.
You can request an exemption using this form:  

What happens when you exceed your quota?

If users exceed their storage quota, they will be blocked from creating Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides, among other service degradations. 

  • They will still be able to send and receive email in Gmail.

  • They can’t upload new files or images to Google Drive.

  • They can't back up any photos and videos to Google Photos.

  • They can’t create new files in collaborative content creation apps like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, Forms, and Jamboard. Until they reduce storage use, nobody can edit or copy their affected files or submit forms owned by the user.

  • They can’t record new meetings in Google Meet.

  • Users over storage quota can still sign in to and access their Google Workspace account and view and download files.

  • If you exceed your quota for an extended period and do not remediate it, ITS reserves the right to remove files.

What if the wrong person owns the file?

When you place a file in another user's shared folder, you still own the file. Google allows you to transfer ownership. See

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