Simple Mail-Merge: Use Gmail Multisend

Google provides a quick way to send individually addressed emails to a large list of recipients called Multisend. It's an option in the icons at the bottom of the compose window.

Turn on multi-send mode

When multi-send mode is turned on, a “Continue” button replaces the normal “Send” button, the tab header turns purple, and a help banner shows at the bottom of your draft. Multi-send emails automatically include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of your message so recipients can opt out of future emails.

  1. On your computer, go to Gmail
  2. At the top left, click  Compose. 
  3. From the toolbar at the bottom, click Turn multi-send mode on/off .

Choose your recipients

While in multi-send mode, you can add up to 1,500 recipients in the “To” field and a maximum of 1 recipient in the “Cc” or “Bcc” field. Any recipient added to the “Cc” or “Bcc” field will be copied on every single outgoing email. Learn more about Cc and Bcc recipients.

To add recipients to your email: 

  • Type or paste in recipients.
  • Use a contact list to add multiple recipients at once.

If you're using Gmail for work or school, your admin can choose not to allow external recipients in multi-send mode.

Manage mailing lists

You can create and manage contact lists with labels in Google Contacts.

To create and manage contacts, you can:

  • Create a contact label like “Workshop attendees” or “New signups”  add contacts to the label. To add contacts, click on the checkbox next to their name and then
    • Drag the selected contacts onto a label in the sidebar, or
    • From the toolbar above the label, click Manage labels 
  • From the sidebar, click on Import to import a CSV / vCard file of external contacts. 
    • From the import window, select the custom label that you want to apply to each imported contact.

To add a mailing list to your email recipients, search for the label name in the “To” field in Gmail.

Personalize your email with mail merge

When multi-send mode is on, you can insert merge tags like @firstname to personalize your email for each recipient. Learn how to use mail merge in Gmail.

Send your email

  1. When your email draft is complete, click Continue. 
  • You’ll get a warning notification if you have too many recipients in the Cc or Bcc field. 
  • You’ll get a warning notification if you’ve removed the unsubscribe link. To add the unsubscribe link back into your email, click Add link.
  1. A confirmation box appears where you will find the total number of unsubscribed recipients, if anyone has unsubscribed.
  2. Optional: Click Send preview to send yourself a test email
  3. To send your email, click Send all.

Tip: Anyone who is unsubscribed from your emails is excluded automatically from the recipient list when you send your email.

Creation date: 10/25/2022 9:32 AM      Updated: 10/25/2022 9:32 AM