Counseling Services Titanium Workstation Setup

Before you start…

Be advised that the first use of Titanium in a workstation’s Windows account requires some patience. After the desktop shortcut for Titanium is double-clicked, it will take several minutes for the Titanium prompt to appear on the screen depending on the speed of the network connection. 

On the first run of Titanium, the folder TitaniumSoftware is busy being created here:


When the folder and required files are created and ready, the Titanium prompt appears. 

Titanium setup on the workstation:

  1. Create a desktop shortcut from the file S:\TitaniumApplication-all\Ti10.exe.

  2. Double-click the Titanium shortcut and then wait for the Titanium prompt. It will take a few minutes.

  3. Ask the customer to sign in with their Titanium credentials.


  • Sometimes a file is missing or gets corrupted in the TitaniumSoftware folder. If you get strange and unexplained errors, rename or delete this folder: C:\Users\<accountname>\AppData\Local\TitaniumSoftware and then double-click the Titanium desktop shortcut to replace that folder.

  • Amy handles the Titanium credentials. These are not the same as the Eckerd College credentials. Check with Amy if their Titanium login fails.

  • Contact the Desktop Services group for advice if necessary.

Creation date: 8/9/2022 11:04 AM      Updated: 8/9/2022 11:07 AM