Computer assistance and repair for personal devices.

This article is for students, faculty and staff who need assistance with their personal computing devices.

ITS can help diagnose most problems with personal computers and devices and then recommend options for repair, but our shop is not equipped or certified to make hardware changes or repairs to personal devices. Many problems we see are not hardware related and are resolved quickly. However, if it's determined your device needs general hardware repair and is still under warranty. please contact the warranty provider to arrange for repair. Best Buy and Office Depot are authorized service centers for most Windows PCs and Chrome Books. Apple warranty service and SimplyMac are available for Apple devices. 

For devices that are out of warranty, there are local businesses that may assist you. Even though some of these local shops are considered "authorized service centers" for your device, your should carefully evaluate the level of service they offer. These businesses are not affiliated with Eckerd College and we make no warrants or claims as to the hardware, software, or services obtained from these establishments.

Here are some service options:

Pinellas Computers of Tyrone:

Pinellas Computers - Main Site:

Office Depot Computer Services:

Best Buy Service:

Apple Service for computers and devices:

SimplyMac - There is a location in Dunedin:

Hopefully this information is helpful and leads to a successful repair.

Creation date: 5/3/2022 2:12 PM      Updated: 5/3/2022 2:18 PM