How Course Aliases Work

Course aliases are Google Groups. The instructor, or mentor will be the owner of the groups for your courses or mentees. Academic aliases will appear in your list on your Google Groups home page:

Course aliases will now have -FA, -SP, or -SU at the end of the alias name. This allows the group to remain active for a time after the semester concludes.

All group addresses will now end in - note that some campus mailing lists such as campus-events and its-announce are still Check our documentation @ if you are uncertain where to send a message.
ITS generates the following types of e-mail aliases from Banner for each Term:
  • course
  • class year
  • collegium
  • major
  • mentor
  • housing
These are refreshed daily throughout Drop/Add, so please bear with us
until after the end of Drop/Add if you need to customize your class alias.

Course Aliases
An e-mail address for the instructor and students in a course. These
follow the format [Subject Code][Course Number]-[section]-[term], for example:

Class Year
All the students classified by class year: frosh, sophomores, juniors,
and In addition you can reach the entire student
body with <>, and all of campus for general-interest
events using <>.

All the students, divided by which Collegium their major falls under.
The name is [collegium]_students, for example:

All students who have declared a given major. In addition, this is
broken down my class year. The formats are [major name, with spaces
replaced by underscores]_major and [major name, with spaces
replaced by underscores]_[classyear], for example:
<> and <>

All the students mentored by a given faculty member. The format is
[faculty-email]_mentees, for example (if Walter Moore were a mentor):

Aliases for each House and Complex, following the formats [house
name]_house and [complex name]_complex, for
example: <> and <>

Exceptions...Nu and Omega have a different structure:
omega1, omega2, omega3, omega_complex
nu1_4, nu5_8, nu9_12, nu13_16, nu_complex
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